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Hose Reels & Equipment

Ocean Fire Protection - Hose Reels and Hose Reel EqupmentFixed,Swinging and Recessed
A range of slimline manual and automatic reels designed for reliability, performance and ease of installation and maintenance.
Fixed Hose Reel - Manual
Fixed Hose Reel - Automatic

Recessed Hose Reel - Manual
Recessed Hose Reel - Automatic

Swinging Hose Reel - Manual
Swinging Hose Reel - Automatic
๏ Simple to operate
๏ Easy to service
๏ Accomodates 30m of 19mm or 25mm bore hose.
๏ Epoxy polyester powder coated for a high quality finish.
๏ Includes jet spray nozzle with all models.

Ocean Fire Protection - Hose Reels and Hose Reel EqipmentHose Reel Tubing
A high quality hose reel tubing approved to EN694: 2001 (Which has replaced the previous British Standard for Hose reel Hose BS3169). Hoses complying with this standard are intended for applications where long intervals can occur between the occasions of use, eg on fixed fire hose reels in buildings and other construction work.
Can be used within -20*C to +60*C temperature range
Available in

19mm  x  30m
19mm  x  35m
19mm  x  45m
25mm  x  30m
25mm  x  35m

Ocean Fire Protection - Hose Reels and Hose Reel AccessoriesHose Reel Accessories

๏ Beaded Hose Guide.
๏ Jet/Spray Nozzle.  19mm & 25mm
๏ Chrome Plated Nozzle.  19mm & 25mm
๏ Pyrene Nozzle.  19mm & 25mm
๏ Gate Valve.  19mm & 25mm
๏ Instruction Plate.  Auto & manual
๏ Jubilee Clip. 19mm & 25mm


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