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Dry Riser Equipment

Dry Riser Cabinet

Ocean Fire Protection - Dry Riser EquipmentA range of inlet and outlet cabinets built to comply with BS5041: Part 5.

Designed to house inlet breechings and landing valves.
Georgian wired glass panel and spring cylinder lock with key.
Manufactured from zintec, epoxy polyester powder coated in red.

Cabinet sizes

Type of cabinet

Two way vertical inlet Various sizes available
Two way horizontal inlet  Various sizes available
Outlet Various sizes available






Ocean Fire Protection - Dry Riser EquipmentLanding Valves

Landing valves used on dry rising mains should normally be of the gate valve type, but globe pattern valves are occasionally used. They act as outlets from the rising main and are fitted in easily accessible positions on each floor above the first floor of a building and sometimes in deep basement areas.

Dry Riser Gate Valves

With 2 1/2" instantaneous female outlet to BS 336, blank cap and chain, strap and padlock. Dry riser gate valves comply with the requirements of BS 5041:Part 2. Valves can be mounted in boxes complying with BS 5041:Part 4.

๏ Inlet flanged 21/2" BSP or 3" BS Table D or 65mm BS 4504 Table 16/21.
๏ Inlet screwed 21/2" BSP.

Globe Pattern Landing Valves (LP)

These screw-down stop valves are primarily used as hydrant outlets on wet rising mains, but are occasionally used on dry risers under special circumstances and after discussion with the fire brigade.

๏ Gunmetal bodies, major working parts in manganese bronze.
๏ Comply with the requirements of BS 504:Part 1 and BS 5154.
๏ Outlets are 2 1/2" instantaneous female to BS 336 and inlets flanged or screwed as required.
๏ Accessories include blank caps and chain, straps and padlocks

Ocean Fire Protection - Dry Riser EquipmentDry Riser Ancillaries

The anti-tamper leather strap is for use with globe valves and can be fastened using the 3/4" brass padlock. Other accessories include a replacement washer and an air release valve for use at the top of a hydrant system.

Air Release Valves

Air valves are fitted at the top of a riser to release air when the riser is charged with water or to admit air when draining off.

๏ Screwed 1" BSP male. 

Ocean Fire Protection - Dry Riser EquipmentBlank Plugs

Blank plugs are used to seal off water supplies and prevent dirt entering the valves or connectors. Blank plugs are 2 1/2" instantaneous male type.

Gunmetal and aluminium blank plugs are pressure resistant; plastic and rubber blank caps act as dust cover only.






Dry riser inlet breechings are normally fitted in glass-fronted cabinets on the outside walls of buildings and have either two or four inlet connections. For special requirements, a single inlet breeching is available.

They are used to feed water into the rising main through 2 1/2" fire hoses. A 100mm (4") rising main uses a two-way inlet breeching and a 150mm (6") main uses a four-way inlet breeching.

Drain Valves to BS 5154

Normally fitted to inlet breechings but can be supplied separately.

Two-way Inlet Breechings

4" BSTD, 4" BSP parallel female or 100mm NP16 Ð can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.




Ocean Fire Protection - Brigade EquipmentInlet Breeching 

Complies with BS 5041 Part 3

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