Online Basic First Aid Awareness

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Refresher courses £10.00 + VAT per person per course

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Thousands of people suffer every year from various injuries in the workplace which could easily have been minimised if more people had been aware of the basic principles of Basic First Aid.

This does not replace any formal practical training, but does provide an excellent guide on refreshing your knowledge and updating your skills as a first aider. This course does not train you to become a doctor, nor a paramedic; they are the professionals who you want to take over at the earliest opportunity. 


First aider’s hold the proficient skills to make a worthwhile contribution towards someone’s safety, and recovery. Quick and confident decision making can enable you to summon the emergency service in the correct manner.


The benefits of using this training system:


  • Online 24/7, allowing users to participate when ever and where ever convenient.
  • Training courses can been done on mobile and iPad devices.
  • System keeps records of all exam attempts, certificates (5 year history), progress of all your staff whether they have not started, in progress or completed their online course(s).
  • System produces certificates for users that complete any online training course that consists of a final exam (20 randomly selected questions) with a pass rate of 85%.
  • Upload system data through csv formats.
  • Know what progress all your staff are making at any one time.
  • The Basic First Aid course comes in a main and refresher format.


Course Content:



This course covers:

Risk Assesing

Primary Survey

Secondary Surevey


The Recovery  Position

And much more.......................